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Nashville-based Chuck Glass has been playing, writing and singing the blues since he was a kid.

In addition to a great career as the consummate sideman to artists such as The Outlaws, Felix Cavaliere, Gary Morris and many more, Chuck has a catalog of seven self-produced CDs, including “Eleven on Seven“, released in June 2016.

Take a look, have a listen and enjoy!

Eleven on Seven


Chuck GlassChuck was born in 1956 in North Carolina and raised on the east coast of Florida. He started playing music at around 10 years of age with his brothers Ric and Jim on his trusty Farfisa organ and a $35 Lafayette bass guitar.

The Glass Brothers BandInfluenced as a teenager by what many consider to be the best era of popular music, the 60s and early 70s, he got his first Hammond organ and began writing and singing his own songs. He formed a band with younger brother Jim on guitar cleverly called the Glass Brothers. They played just about every bar in the southeast that would have ’em while also getting exposure and concert experience as opening act for artists like: Little Feat, Jimmy Buffet, Eddie Money, Dave Mason, Dixie Dregs, Bo Diddley, Richie Havens and The Atlanta Rhythm Section.

The Outlaws - SoldiersOf FortuneIn the early 80s, after wondering what it was like to move up from a sleeping bag in a Ford van to a bunk on a tour bus, Chuck stepped in as the bass player and vocalist with the classic southern rock band The Outlaws, with original founding members Henry Paul and the late, great Hughie Thomasson. Through the mid 80s he did extensive national and worldwide touring while contributing songs such as the opener One Last Ride on the 1986 Outlaws album Soldiers of Fortune on CBS, which also became an MTV video.

The late 80s found him back behind a Hammond doing all kinds of blues, rock and R&B gigs in Florida, and enjoying a little time off the road.

Around 1990 a fresh move was in order, so he headed to Nashville, TN. After briefly being part of a great R&B-flavored band backing Razzy Bailey, he hit the road again as keyboardist and vocalist with the harmony-rich group of country/pop singer Gary Morris.

Nashville offered tons of inspiration with its exceptionally talented world-class musicians and top-notch songwriters. Chuck still calls it home today.

Gary Morris-Full Moon Empty HeartHe contributed keyboards and co-writing on the Gary Morris Capitol release Full Moon Empty Heart, as well as appearing with Gary in CMT videos, numerous TNN prime time shows and the honor of playing on one of the last Johnny Carson Tonight Shows.

Chuck GlassAlong the way Chuck continued to write and record his own material. He remained a working musician proudly paying the bills with projects like singing on Matt King’s Atlantic debut CD, 5 O’Clock Hero, being band leader and playing keys for the Duke boys, Tom Wopat and John Schneider, and backing up songwriters Skip Ewing, Michael Johnson and singer Rodney Atkins. He played Fender bass for one of his all time heroes Felix Cavaliere of the famous Rascals, and Chuck had his song Where Love is King featured on skater Scott Hamilton’s nationally televised special.

In Chuck’s words: “For what it’s worth, this is just the stuff that some people might want to read in a bio. What really matters to me is what got me where I am today and getting to see the world while meeting and playing with all the great musicians along the way”.

Today finds Chuck Glass doing what he loves most, still making music and enjoying family life in Music City, USA.

2010 brought the release of his fifth solo CD: “Chuckthoven’s Fifth”, featuring 12 new original compositions showcasing his unique brand of songwriting, playing and singing. As always, it was recorded “old school” with his distinctive attitude and soulful honesty. No drum machines, no computerized vocal tricks, no censorship, no steroids and no bull.

Blues Blast poster2011 started out writing and arranging the songs for the new album. By late summer it was back in the studio with ace engineer and atomic coffee brewing brother Jim Glass to start recording CD #6. In the Fall of 2011 Chuck had the honor of having a Robin Rogers version of his song “Don’t Walk away Run” from his 1st CD, nominated for song of the year by The Blues Blast Awards in Chicago. Buddy Guy won (good company, I guess) but many thanks to all who voted and support original independent music. Here we are into 2012 and the new CD is well over half finished. It has some special surprise guests along with the usual suspects and is coming along great. Chuck’s hoping to have it done later this year so you can pack a copy of his new CD in your survival kit or load it into your MP3 player before the the Mayan Doomsday arrives.

Palm Beach County Local BandsFor a little Glass Brothers and other early Palm Beach County local band history, be sure to check out the Facebook page and the official website.


I hear a bit of Mose Allison, Keb Mo, Santana, Gregg Allman, Dr. John influences. At 60 years young, I have listened to a lot of music. Always enjoy something fresh and new. Best part was I could hear the vocals without the band overplaying the lyrics. How do I join the “Chuck Glass” fan club? or better yet the band? Keep up the effort!
This is the second Chuck Glass CD I’ve listened to (From Beyond the Mighty Get Go – 2004). This is by far the better of the two. If I still had a regular show on WTJU, I’d play any of 7 songs. As it is, I will play at least one the next time I sub. Songs 2 (Keep On Lovin You), 4 (Last Straw (love the drums!)) 6 (See What Love Can Do) & 10 (Livin’ Right) will make it to my iPod. I probably listen to 25 new CDs a week, so with that number of songs, it is hard for me to consider a song exceptional enough to put on a “CD Cuts” disk that I will listen to on a regular basis. Happy to say that “Livin’ Right” has made it. I also like the horns on 1 & 6 (they make the song).
TimDJ at University of Virginia
Man, I’m speechless. So many good tunes I don’t know where to start. I’ve listened through completely now about 4 times and each time I get more impressed. Your vocal is top-notch as always and the backing vocals are fantastic. There are times when I feel I’m in a black gospel church and that’s a very good thing. The guitar work and the engineering are very good too. There’s a lot going on in many of the tunes and everything is in its place and the blend on the backing vocals is just so smooth. Hard to pick a favorite, but “Trouble Don’t Last” is a beautiful piece. “Everybody’s Crazy” pretty wells sums up my feelings about the world today. And the slide guitar in “Justified” sends chills down my back – what a tone!! Also love the sound of the Hammond in “Famous”.
It’s a fine piece of work and you should very proud. Keep up the great work!
Just got to listen to your CD, upon which I had the pleasure of playing, and I am proud to be a small part of that! Sounds great and I hope you’re as pleased as I am. Way cool, dude!
I listened last night, and again today… the album is great! I love my two tracks…love the “snare treatment” on #11…and Chuck, your vocal chords might have come out of your throat about 3 1/2 minutes in. Friggin’ Great track! as is #10. The track and lyrics on #9 are really fun…it’s All Good. Thank you both for what you’ve done, and thanks for letting me be a part of it!
Damn Chuck, you’ve out-done yourself. From top to bottom, this record has it all. I just want you to know that with every CD you put out, you keep growing. The overall production of this CD rivals any of the big-boys, and surpasses most of them IMO. From the arrangements to the quality of the recording to the smartness of the lyrics, you’ve really put together one great listening experience.
I love the background vocals. Very “black gospel” sounding. And the horn parts are top-notch. Ray would approve. You made the right call in your selection of the lead instruments. Your choice of guitar players and their tone adds just the right flavor to the mix. And of course, your own piano style really grabbed my attention right away. Just when I thought I was going to hear one chord progression, you pulled a “Chuck Glass” and threw in some of those really cool Jazz chords you’re so famous for. Those little tasty nuggets are the spice that makes your music uniquely different from the rest.
I’ll tell you right now that these songs jumped off the page at me the first time through… Justified, Everybody’s Crazy, Trouble Don’t Last, Famous, So Cold (but then I’m a Ray Charles kinda guy)
Glad I got to be one of the first to experience this music. Thanks for letting me into your world.
The songs are great, your voice is in top form, your bass playing cooks and your B3 chops are stellar. You guys really did a heck of a job. I really think you pulled some of the best performances I’ve ever heard out of Jimmy Hall and Todd Sharp. All the guitar players sound great really, and Rodovsky really nails it. Just a really great job all the way around. A couple of those songs sound like classics immediately, almost anthemic.
Congratulations, and good luck with it. Oh, and it’s worth the price of admission for that picture of you on the back cover alone. Now THAT is an outfit.
Thanks so much for sharing it with me. I wish you all the best.
Steve Conn
Yo, Chuck: What a great album. I like Karma and Dubya the best, but there is not a weak track on the album. Your Hammond B3 guy was having a lot of fun on this record! Dubya just about sums up my feelings at the moment.
Thanks! Cheers,
Frank C.New Jersey
Got Calling Mama Zuma in the mail a few days ago. Killer stuff. Kinda Delbert Mclinton meets Jimmy Smith. Some serious rockin R and B. The real B-3 is in serious danger of becoming a lost art. Thanks for helping to keep it alive. …Was great to here Chris L. again. Really like what you guys did on Pool Party. Every tune has some fine guitar playing. So far, “Puttin the Gloves Back On, The Bottle, and Karma Comes Callin” are on top of my list…. ” we built a culture of corruption, fortified by dirty deeds”…..That verse is scary real!…. Great production. You guys got the old school sound down, but it’s super clean.. Sounds great on everything I’ve played it on. Congrats to Brother Jim, always had a great set of ears. And it’s always good to hear him pick up a guitar…CMZ stands up to anything I’ve heard on the radio lately. The writing, the players, and the production, all 1st rate. Hope you can get it out there for more people to hear. Good luck and keep the tunes coming. And keep plucking that bass!. Sounds like a pot of pea soup ready to boil over!! Damn!!…………
Rocky Henning(“El Rocko”)
Clever lyrics, great grooves, and just an all round good time. The arrangements and the recording are top notch, with nice horns and backing vocals to support Chuck’s great blues voice.
Tony Sanders
Great uplifting lyrics providing a good feeling . Very good musicianship as well. Please give it a listen and support Chuck.
Scott Stemen
If you believe as I do that the blues is truth, as the great Willie Dixon once said, then this is some of the deepest blues you’ll ever hear. This remains true regardless of how you choose to define the music – blues, r&b, rock, pop, etc. Seriously, this stuff really speaks to the human condition and seeks to improve one’s character through the musical journey – sounds like the blues to me. Don’t get me wrong, Chuck ain’t preaching, just laying it on the line with some great music. Even at its lightest moments, e.g., Big ol’ Baby, Evil Twin, there’s a lot being said. If you like great music with really something to say, I don’t think you could do better. Most highly recommended. And this is coming from a guitar driven, heavy blues/rock enthusiast!

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